Ivana Kupala Army

Evil, which is manifested by the Ukrainian tradition on the night of Midsummer in the images of the '90s. 

In general, all this reminds me of SCP. It is clear that the bestiary of SCP itself is a derivative of folk myth-making. But it’s interesting to think about authentic monsters in a modern context - to pass bored attributes through an actual look.

It makes sense to update the vision of collective fantasies based on real world references. To show that our primitive fears, disgusts and prejudices have not disappeared - to show the unchanging part of man.


The dead man in the house turns into a snake or something else and then it’s also a domovoy. Wikipedia also writes that it is either woolen or long-haired - it was difficult for people to decide. There were also claws and one huge ear. So I got this man in the transition phase from person to snake.



Fieldman “is a long-legged peasant with animals and plant features, with fiery-colored wool, with bulging eyes, horns, a long tail with a tassel at the end, and a beard of ears. His ears are like a calf, claws, large teeth and wings”




Means a ghost in Slavic mythology. The girl and the old woman.

Additional animation with homeless:

Homeless look like glitch with all these rugs and bags, despite the fact that they are real people. These strange properties are manifested in all living things to one degree or another.


Leshiy (tutelary deity of the forests in Slavic mythology) is described as a man with an extended head, a moss-covered face, and a green beard from his ear / eye / nose.
It contains the images of a bear, an owl, a wolf, a hare, a toad and the devil knows what else. Either an animal or a plant.

The indication that he could have a family and that he wears green prompted me to create the image of an unhappy family guy in a green sweater from the 90s.

As a reference, I used the face of a famous politician-boxer and the film Annihilation.

He is the spirit of the forest park and the king of the benches in second animation.



Male water spirit which is described as a bare flabby old man with a horn and a bulging eyes, cow hooves and crow's feet.

Due to the fact that he was described as dressed in red, it immediately became clear to me that this would be a New Russian in a crimson jacket.

Also on Wikipedia it was said that he travels on a catfish. So I made the fish an extension of the body. Here I relied on Mancubus from Doom as a reference.

The bulging-eyed Rodney Dangerfield was the starting point for facial sculpting.