Kyiv urban notes

Two plots. Each is assembled from objects seen in one day in the city.

June Weekend


Friend's face mask was wrinkled, it looked like a twin parasite.
I also really liked the beautifully twisted tree in the courtyard of the church on Saturday.
And near the People's Friendship Arch, we saw a carousel, on which was a carriage not quite in the form of a pumpkin, but rather in the form of brains.
And one of the squirrels was spread on a tree in the KPI park.


I gathered the things seen during a walk. Not far from our house there is a lake, where I met for the first time some big red ducks, 5 different color turtles on a log, which basked in the sun, and other strange animals. Especially considering that on the way to it there is a large installation with toys.

All these scenes with stuffed animals in our yards look weird. But by the lake I found a composition with the bears, which were tied to the trunks.
One of them had “Love” in its paws, which was more like dropping out intestines, which he was trying to collect back.

This installation reminded me of Goya's Caprichos - satirical etchings, which were more terrifying than funny. However, lately I've noticed that since the Middle Ages until the 19th century satire was just terrible - something that in modern society cause disgust and fear, used to be the norm.
And now this combination can only appear in horror comedies that do not pretend to condemn public order, but only parody themselves, knowingly warning that they act on the territory of guro.