Love Elements

three postcards for Valentine's Day as fashion illustrations

As a unifying element, I chose the style between the alphabet and the periodic table. And the imperative red.
Then I decided on the love plots and began to search for outfits that would show the characters.

I made sketches with several lines in Photoshop - this time the final image was very clear for me. Then I've started sculpting models in Zbrush, periodically checking the balance of compositional spots in the layout. It took me 5 hours for each scene. Then follows final rendering in Keyshot and color correction and design in Photoshop.

The illustrations show the looks of these brands: 

1. The hunter and his voluntary sacrifice. On the boy: Gucci, Lock Hatters. On the girl: Christiano Burani.

2. Leda and swan. On the girl: Saint Laurent.

3. The similarity of people in a pair (the picture can be understood as narcissism). On the left: Staffonly Studio. On the right: KTZ.