Midsummer Night's Dream










Existence Knight










Lizard King


Still life-landscape based on the weekend.

The work was inspired by the Dutch still-life, which is a message, where each object is a symbol of a didactic or religious overtones. The idea of painting-texts is very close to me and you could see it in my recent works based on real events.

After several years, I again created a picture that can be attributed to those that you slowly unravel and examine.




Work about the death of thinking from the sword of an existential crisis.

At such times, all our principles and beliefs, of which we are building a shelter for many years, are destroyed. We are greeted by an absolutely uncomfortable realistic world order, which makes us learn to live anew.

I used a 3D scan of my head as a piece of a golden statue to show that we are creating an idol from our own beliefs.



Merging of Alexander McQueen 2010, VFiles 2019, alchemy and the solemnity of the portrait plot (in particular, the sacred one) in the entourage of the Yugoslav monuments erected in the 50s.

I wanted to unite epochs, to show that everything is one in culture, no matter what form it takes.