About the struggle with the usual schemes in creating art and a comprehended choice of technique

I continue to watch a video presenting illustrator diplomas at the British School of Art. And I think this is something amazing. It is these people who create the history of modern graphics, the ones who have been taught to travel meaningfully.

The further, the more I think about the complexity of the issue of the advisability of choosing one or another instrument.

It is best to deliberately go from the impression that you want to create, relying on experience in different techniques with an analysis of the impact on the viewer.

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with doing what you like. But then it is already creativity only for your own therapy.

However, while working on an illustration, you are working on solving a problem, just like in design. Therefore, thoughtless impulses cannot be at the head of such a process, but can only decorate a meaningful approach.

And I will study this for a long time, because when an idea arises, I immediately want to take up a familiar tool. Nevertheless, I just haven't had commissions for a long time, so maybe I would have approached them as I describe.

At least in illustrating books, I first did a research of the necessary technique. I collected mood board of the techniques of other artists. I wondered what it would look like when I applied it to the plot of the book - would this technique look equally good in still life, landscape, close-ups and small shots. All this must be presented in advance, otherwise in the middle of working on the finale, you may find that this style weakens one illustration in the series. If you do not really have the ability to think through everything, it is better to secure yourself with combinations of techniques - for example, then somewhere you can use a line in the main to enhance the illustration, and somewhere you can use a spot. In place of these units of graphics, there can be anything - collage and graphics, abstract painting and 3D.

Here is a photo with my illustrations for a book about snowy and surreal Iceland. For them, I chose Solyaev's style and inserts depicting parallel events drawn with a line. A first for mystical mood, and the second for the designation of a reality.