Simple answers to the question of why we need traditional graphics if we already have 3D

After a conversation with a British illustration course, to which I was invited as a specialist, I often think about a question to which it was difficult for me to answer - why do we need graphics (painting) in fine art, if there is 3D?

The fact is that I see the enormous effectiveness of 3D in being close to realism, which removes an additional barrier for the brain in interpreting the plot of the image as actually happening.

But why there is a decorative features on the state of the art?

An open discussion "Conversation about painting in Open Studios" turned up just in time for me

Dear artists, whose opinion I really wanted to hear, mostly laughed, but I also heard some valuable thoughts answering the question about the advisability of this form of visualizing ideas. These thoughts amaze with their simplicity and genius.

Firstly, a person will always want to hang something at home, to decorate his home with something drawn. It's in our blood, since the days of painted caves) And we, in fact, have not gone very far from this way of life)

Secondly, a person will always be attracted by something made by hand, "this contains a certain energy, for example, the artist himself."

Both theses imply a pleasant authenticity. This is the case when we should turn to our ancient habits, because they can easily dispel uncertainty and serve as a support.