How to understand go to the art show or not as a viewer

1. By default, you need to go to an exhibition, whether you are an artist or not. There is an opinion that artists make exhibitions for themselves. This is not entirely true. They really need your reaction. In our time, live art only one that interacts with the audience. Come and think over what you saw - your interpretation is in priority. The artist is not a genius and the viewer is not a fool - we are on equal terms. Treat art with this knowledge.

2. Next, you should look for reasons not to go. Spend a minute on Google to find out if this is fossil shit or fresh. If you are still in doubt, take a quick look at the author's story and his motives - you can better immerse yourself in the exhibition and risk having fun and a stronger reflection experience that will integrate into your life and make it more complete.

3. Come not to the opening, but on the day when you can calmly consider everything. Consider, because the work of an artist is a small book, an essay, a story - you don't even need to read and you can have as many impressions as a book or a movie.

4. Come to the opening only if you want to chat with the author or see how he behaves in reality, you will not be able to concentrate on the work.

5. I recommend to think twice before you go to the exhibition, which contains the word in the title - a mirage, a fantasy, an idea, a dream, absurd, magic, world and others generalize poeticisms.

6. Also think before going to the exhibition of the mummified organization (unless it is part of your ironic research).

7. And pay attention, this is a PR of an organization or a free initiative - be on the alert if this is extreme in the first or second case: organizations are often not interested in providing something interesting to the viewer, and the boundless arbitrariness of artists may be deprived of ideas or feelings and turn out to be thoughtless reworking of existing trends.