Portrait of Vira Vovk.

Book illustration

for Vydavnytstvo

My illustration for the book "Цетежзробилавона" about the writer Vira Vovk, who built a bridge between the Ukrainian and Brazilian cultures.

I have long wanted to work with poetry, and here I had the opportunity to build a whole portrait of the poetess. And it was not easy - the work on the illustration took me a month. I had to read several collections of the poetry and prose of Vira Vovk in addition to biographical information and diary entries.

I wanted to portray a bizarre mix of Ukrainian and Brazilian culture with the help of elements that I made in 3D, in order to show the “volume” of ideas, the vision of the writer.

Here over Vira towers Oranta surrounded by organ pipes, the sound of which she illuminated spirituality. And right next to Brazilian flowers and masks that its brightness is almost scaring and represent attractive carnival pretense that the next day the storm will wash away. Below are depicted favelas that have covered the mountain, and their variegated flow of lava. The ensemble of characters concludes a kobza merging with the rocks of the Carpathians, the hills of which, in turn, resemble Vira this musical instrument, and the kobza strings turn into mountain streams.